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Butler's Contract / Guarantee



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Contract and Guarantee

Butler Pits & American Bulldogs as said in this agreement is the breeder and seller of said pup.  Said pup is out of sire: ___________________X Dam: ______________________ and is of said sex: ___________.  Said pup is describes as (name/color/description here)                                     .  Both parents of said pup are full blooded and registered as Pit Bull Terrier or American Bulldogs.  Said pup is being sold for the amount of $___________. Any pup or dog sold for 400.00 or less will come with a spade or neuter contract and the guarantee and contract is void unless in writing by BPAB.

The purchaser of said pup _______________________________ agrees to abide by all terms and conditions herein.

1. Pup is to be examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours of delivery or pickup.  If said pup is found to be other than healthy and free from birth defects by the veterinarian the pup is to be returned to BPAB immediately and the pup will be replaced with another pup of the same sex, age and value as soon as one is available.  BPAB reserves the right to have said pup examined by our veterinarian before the pup is replaced.  All veterinarian paperwork and information will be released to Butler's PAB prior to return of pup and a waver will be given to your vet for us to contact..

2. The buyer resumes all responsibility to carry on with all appropriate vaccinations, exercise and feeding schedule to keep pup in top physical condition.  Buyer also agrees to yearly examinations, heart worm testing and preventative and all other procedures necessary to assure good health.  I also agree that said pup/dog will not be abused neglected or used for illegal purposes.  If said pup is used for illegal purposes the pup/dog will be returned to BPAB and the local authorities will be contacted.  BPAB also has the right to contact the registries to report abuse and file a written complaint with them.

3. Purchaser also agrees that if for any reason you cannot care for or want the puppy or dog from BPAB the purchaser will contact Butler's and we will either take the pup or dog back or assist the owner in placing the dog in a proper home.  The buyer also agrees that said pup or dog will not be taken to a shelter or pound.  No pup or dog is to be sold without prior contact made with BPAB.  Any pup sold without notification to Bulters does not get the original purchaser out of our contract and any breech of contract will result in return of the dog or court action.  This could also include the new owner if the dog is sold during a breech of contract.

4. Purchaser also agrees to supply BPAB with regular photos and updates of said pup or dog.

5. Butler's agrees said pup to have acceptable hip joint confirmation as determined by OFA or Penn Hip.  If said dogs hips are rejected for OFA or Penn Hip and the dog has not been bred or studded Butler's will replace said dog with another pup of comparable value from our next available litter.  Replacement pups will be of the same sex as the original pup unless otherwise agreed to by both the purchaser and breeder and is placed in writing.  Butler's must be notified of the OFA or PH results within 30 days of receipt of the results.  OFA or PH rejections and a written statement from the licensed veterinarian who performed the x-rays must be sent to BPAB.  All OFA or Penn Hip x-rays must have the tattoo or microchip number of the dog posted on them.  The buyer of said dog then has the following options before receiving a replacement pup...the dog can be returned to BPAB at the buyers expense along with a health certificate, all shot records and registration paperwork, the dog can be euthanised or the purchaser has the option to keep the dog as long as the dog has been spayed or neutered and proof is forwarded to BPAB.

6. BPAB also reserves the right to have a dog or puppy returned if for any reason we feel the dog is being or has been neglected or abused.

7.  BPAB guarantees all pups and dogs to be genetically sound in temperament at the time of delivery and for 7 days thereafter.  If for any reason you feel a pup or dog is not sound in temperament you must contact BPAB immediately and a certified trainer must be contacted for an evaluation of the pup or dog.  If the dog is determined by the trainer and BPAB the pup or dog will be replaced in accordance to our contract.

8. Purchaser also agrees that Butler's will follow the dogs name at all times. (example: "Spot of Butlers" or "BPAB's Spot")

9.  All female pups or dogs sold by BPAB are not to be bred until the age of at least 24 months and if this is not followed BPAB has the right to state the dog has been abused and the dog will be returned to BPAB.  Said pup/dog must be bred to a dog from one of the following registries ADBA, UKC, NKC, BBC or ARF.

10.  Purchaser also agrees that this contract and the BPAB Guarantee is voided if females are bred before the age of 24 months and males at the age of 18 months.  Prior to breeding or studding a dog from BPAB, the dog must be checked for Hip Dysplasia and or genetic defects or genetic health problems.  If this is not done prior to breeding this contract and guarantee are voided.

11.  BPAB reserves all rights to void or change our guarantee at any time if the purchaser does not abide by all terms and conditions herein.

12. This guarantee is for the original purchaser only and cannot be carried to another owner unless agreed to by BPAB and is placed in writing.

By signing this contract the buyer understands this contract and has read and understands our guarantee and also understands it is binding and is aware of the puppy only guarantee.  No cash refunds for any reason.

Butler Pits & American Bulldogs also has the right to deal with our guarantee and contract on a case by case basis.  All terms and conditions must be met and BPAB will make all final decisions.

Purchasers Name: (print only) ____________________________________________________

Purchaser's Signature: _________________________________     Date: _________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________  2nd Contact Number: _________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________________________

Breeders Signature: ___________________________________  Date:____________________

*All rules and regulations stated in this contract abide by all Tennessee state laws

*Any recourse action taken to uphold this contract including all court cost, filing fees and attorney fees will be the responsibility of the buyer not the breeder.  All TN contract laws are applicable by the state of Tennessee.